What Do Employees Want from Their Office?

Employees spend a large portion of their days in the workplace. The longer they work, the more employees come to find certain things may be lacking in the office regarding their comfort and wellbeing. Unfortunately, there’s usually a significant disconnect between what employees want and what their employees provide.

Many businesses fail to realise that their employees need and want a workplace that supports them and their wellbeing. Companies that provide for their employees’ needs find they retain top talent to increase morale, focus, and productivity. The result is a thriving business.

What Do Employees Want from an Office? 

So, what do employees want from an office? Many businesses have gone to great lengths to provide amazing perks and amenities to their employees. However, these don’t seem to meet employee needs.

If your company isn’t sure what your employees want, then it may be time to consider polling them. Ask about what they need or want in the office. You may be surprised by the results!


1. A Clean Workplace

Studies have shown that working in a dirty, cluttered environment saps energy, creativity, focus, and productivity. That’s a huge hit for employees when expecting them to do their best. If the environment is dirty and distracting, focus is almost impossible.

Take a look around your office. What does it look like? Do you notice areas piled high with paperwork and files? Is there dust and dirt on desks and other surfaces? What about the walls? Are they dirty and dingy? If so, it may be time for a cleanup. That’s one way to lift everyone’s spirits and help them have better focus on their work.


2. Restroom Privacy

Another problem for many employees is the lack of privacy in the restroom. Nothing is more uncomfortable than lack of privacy here. More employees are asking for more firm dividing walls between toilet spaces. They’re tired of the flimsy walls, which may have gaps in between and do little for sound privacy.

If the restroom is cleaned up and improved, employees tend to feel more comfortable. Nothing is worse than feeling as if there’s an audience when you’re in the washroom.


3. Natural Light

Another thing employees would like is more natural light in the office. Studies have shown natural light is imperative to the health and wellbeing of everyone. Employees sitting near windows usually feel better and do better work than those sitting in dark, dingy parts of the office.

Take a good look around your office. Is there much natural light coming in? If not, you may want to consider ways to let more light in. Windows treatments can even provide some control over the amount of light that comes into the office. The key is to provide more natural light for everyone. And if that’s not possible, then investing in lighting systems that mimic natural light can be beneficial.


4. Improved Air Quality

Another issue that employees would like to see improved is the air quality in their workplaces. Many find the air quality in their offices to be low. What’s more, indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air. This is a surprise to many; however, the reason is that indoor air contains particulates that can cause breathing issues, eye problems and make people sick. Consider that indoor air is filled with bacteria, viruses, pollen, pet dander, perfumes, and more.

Prolonged exposure to bad indoor air can lead to increased employee absenteeism, heart & lung problems, and more.

In addition, poor air quality in the office can affect mood. It may also increase fatigue, loss of concentration, and more. No one can be happy or productive working in an office with poor air quality.

If your employees indicate air quality is a problem, it may be time to consider updating or replacing the current ventilation system. You might be surprised at how improved air quality helps everyone in the office.


5. Personalisation 

Who doesn’t enjoy personalising their space? At home, this is entirely in the hands of the people who live. However, in an office, the décor is usually determined by upper management. Employees are forced to accept it and work with the office décor as it is.

But polls show employees long to have more control over the personalisation of their office space. Some may want to have more sound (or the ability to wear headphones to block out background noise). Others may need control over the lighting at their desk. There are also employees who would like to customise the décor of their desks.

Personalisation provides employees with a sense of control over their own workspace. Whether it’s the lighting, the décor, or the temperature, providing employees with more personalisation and control of the environment has been shown to increase their happiness and job satisfaction. It also works to improve employee productivity at the same time.


6. Functional Office Furniture

Along with control of their workspace, employees would also like to have more control over their office furniture. They long for functional office furniture.

Functional office furniture includes desks and chairs that are adjustable. These can be fit to each employee, making them more comfortable and providing the support they need. Examples of functional office furniture are sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs.

Sit-stand desks are increasingly popular in modern offices. They may be adjusted manually or through a motorised mechanism. These desks offer employees more movement—they can choose to sit and work or stand as they work. Studies have shown that sitting for hours every day is not healthy. Instead, the sit-stand desks allow more movement, which increases blood flow. Employees benefit from being able to change their position throughout the day.

Along with sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs also offer more comfort and increase employee wellbeing. Employees can adjust the height of their chairs and armrests. They also have control over the seat back (which can be more reclined) and more.

Having more comfortable office furniture means employees no longer focus on being uncomfortable. Instead, they’re free to focus on their work. They’re happier and healthier, too!


Summing It Up

Businesses are surprised to find their employees are focused on these basic requirements rather than on valuable perks. It’s true they also appreciate great amenities; however, employees require a healthy workplace that offers both comfort and wellbeing.

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