Standing Desks & Height-Adjustable Desks Are Becoming More Popular in the Office

When most people think about office space, they picture rows of desks where people sit for hours and work every day. However, things are rapidly changing in the modern office. When it comes to workstations and desks, more businesses are choosing standing and height-adjustable desks.


What’s the Problem with a Traditional Desk?

The main problem with traditional desks is the fact that people have to sit for so long every day. Long hours of continuous sitting have been shown to cause a wide range of health issues. In addition, sitting with poor posture can lead to muscle stiffness and repetitive stress injuries.

Sitting too much can also lead to a person becoming overweight or obese. These conditions can further lead to serious health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and more.

These are some of the main problems with traditional desks. But what’s the alternative to a traditional desk, especially when people want to sit as they work?


What is a Standing Desk?

Standing desks have become increasingly popular in recent years. They first started out as a curiosity in the CEO’s office; however, today, standing desks are recognised as a healthier option than the traditional desk.

A standing desk, sometimes referred to as a stand-up desk, is a desk that allows an employee to work while standing up. There are many versions available, including the adjustable standing desk. An adjustable standing desk makes it possible to change the height of the desk and alternate more easily from sitting to standing and vice versa.


What are the Benefits of a Standing Desk?

Here are some of the benefits that standing desks offer!

1. More Ergonomic & Offer More Flexibility

Standing desks are the ultimate when it comes to ergonomics. Today’s standing desks are easily adjustable, so you can change the height of the desk as needed. In addition, the adjustable desk may be manual or motorised. The best part is that you can use the furniture as a traditional or standing desk, making it easy to transition throughout the day.

Experts usually recommend alternating from sitting to standing about every 30 minutes or so. This means you can prevent knee and leg strain, sit for certain work tasks, and stand for others.

2. Burns Calories

Standing for part of the day as you work also burns more calories. Studies have shown that standing burns between 100 to 200 calories per hour while sitting uses about 60 to 130 calories each hour. While that’s not a significant difference, calories and the amount used up over time do add up.

In addition to burning more calories, standing offers a change in perspective and mindset. When you’re standing, it’s easier to keep your mind on being healthy (standing tall, with good posture, and more). You may also move around more during the day.

The key is that these small changes add up to burning a few more calories each and giving your mind a rest and a new perspective. A standing desk can improve your productivity in this way.


3. Standing Provides an Energy Burst

Standing while working also gives employees a burst of energy. That can mean improved thinking, problem-solving, and a boost in productivity.

In addition, even small movements can help throughout the day. They can help an employee stay awake and feel more alert. They may also feel more engaged with their work as a result.


4. Improves Posture

Working at a standing desk has been shown to improve posture. When the computer monitor is placed at eye level and an employee is standing in the right position, they are no longer compressing their spine. Sitting for long periods puts undue pressure on nerves and discs in the back. These can lead to repetitive stress injuries, shoulder, and neck pain.

On the other hand, when people stand for part of the day, they can take this pressure off as they work.


5. Reduces Back Pain

Another common problem in the office is back pain. This can develop over time from sitting for long periods every day. Even when employees have ergonomic, adjustable chairs, they can still develop back issues if they sit too long day in and day out.

However, studies have shown that working at a standing desk can alleviate many back problems. The change in position from sitting to standing means pressure is taken off the back. And with an adjustable standing desk, an employee has the option to change the desk height to work standing or sitting at different intervals throughout the day.


6. Improves Circulation

A standing desk also works to improve the circulation of blood in the body. When a person sits for long periods, blood can pool in their extremities. This may lead to swelling and painful ankles or even blood clots.

However, when an employee stands for part of the day, they move their legs and get the blood flowing again. Their circulation improves, as well as their overall cardiovascular health.


7. Improves Focus & Mood

Another benefit of standing desks is that they improve focus and mood. When an employee is sitting for long hours, they’re easily distracted by the discomfort caused by sitting for too long. Some may feel discomfort, while others develop pain over the day. This can also lead to a bad mood. Who can feel happy when they’re uncomfortable at work?

Research has continuously shown that standing helps people feel better. And when they feel better, employees are more able to focus on their work and feel happier, too.


Are Standing Desks the Right Choice for Your Office?

It’s a fact that standing desks can help employees feel better, improve focus, and boost productivity. But are standing desks the right solution for your business?

Standing desks are a great option for most businesses. The good news is that it’s possible to find a wide range of standing desk designs and styles. For instance, there are standing desks that are for single-users and there are others created for multi-employee teams. The right standing desk depends on each employee’s needs and the type of work they do.


Summing It Up

Standing desks are becoming more popular because they offer increased comfort and help employees become healthier. Sitting all day long can cause serious health problems. However, standing to work at intervals throughout the day can help employees feel better and work better!

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