The Must-Have Items Every Desk Needs

When you consider the amount of time spent working at your desk, you may be surprised. Most of us easily spent eight or more hours at our desks. So, it’s necessary to have everything we need to make the space more comfortable and personalised. Plus, you need the right tools on hand to get tasks completed in good time.

So, it’s necessary to have some must-have items on hand to improve productivity and make the space feel more comfortable! But you won’t be left wondering what those must-have desk items are. That’s because we’ve created a list of ideas that most of us need for our desks.


1. A Computer

Computers have become an essential tool for most businesses today, whether you work from business premises or a home office. These are tools that help run every part of the business, from product creation and marketing to accounting and administration. Sure, it’s a good idea to also have a smartphone and even a tablet. But the main tool you need is a computer for your desk.

Your business computer does a lot of things, including:

  •   Communications
  •   Research
  •   Media production
  •   Content creation
  •   Data tracking/storage
  •   Administration/accounting
  •   And more

But what type of computer is best for your desk and work? Is a laptop or desktop the right one to choose?

It really depends on your job and business. But generally speaking, a desktop may be the more affordable option. They’re more affordable to buy and repair and usually have the horsepower for even the toughest jobs.

However, if you travel or work a flexible schedule between the office and home, then a laptop might be the best choice. And if you have a smaller desk, a laptop may be better because it doesn’t take up as much space as a desktop.


2. Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Along with a computer, it’s also a great idea to have an ergonomic mouse pad that has wrist support. An ergonomic pad offers more support for your wrist, making it easier and more comfortable to work. The wrist support ensures your wrist is in a neutral position, which keeps it from bending in the wrong direction.

The wrist support also alleviates pressure on the hands, wrists, and arms. What most people don’t realise is that the right ergonomic mouse pad also relieves pressure on your shoulders. They help keep you from hunching over the keyboard as you work.


3. A Notepad & Pen/Pencil

We’ve all become dependent on our digital devices to work, remind us of important calendar dates, take notes, and more. But it’s important not only to rely on our devices. We should also have a notepad & pen or pencil on our desks. But why?

The notepad is a great place to jot down quick notes when you’re on the phone. It’s easier and faster than making notes on the computer. And it’s hard to make notes on the phone when you’re also talking to someone on the device!

What’s more, the tactile feeling of the paper is pleasing and just invites you to write or mark on it. It’s a very satisfying experience. And when you combine paper and ink, watch the magic happen!

Even when you use the notepad and pen to doodle, that very action can help give your mind release. You may be surprised at the innovative and creative ideas that come to mind as you write or doodle.

Finally, using paper and ink also provides your eyes with a break from the screen. That’s imperative to have a successful work day.


4. Post-It Notes

Don’t cringe before you’ve heard us out. Post-it notes can be a very useful tool on your desk! Yes, we’ve all seen the queen or king of post-its in the office. Their desk, walls, and more are covered over with post-its of all shapes and colours. This is not what we’re talking about.

Instead, post-it notes can be used to arrange tasks, jot down notes and reminders, and more. And you could even assign different colours to each task/reminder. What a great way to track things!

However, we don’t recommend plastering your workspace in post-it notes. That’s not healthy, and it’s easy to lose track of those important reminders and tasks!


5. A Smartphone

Next, having a smartphone on your desk can be a huge benefit. The main reason is that your phone can be there ready in case anyone needs you from home. That may be your partner or kids. You might even be able to take your smartphone on break and enjoy the social media feeds of your friends and family. Or kick back and play a game while you relax.

There’s no question that having a smartphone on your desk is a good thing unless it’s too distracting. If you’re tempted to read social media rather than work, you may need to keep your smartphone in a desk drawer rather than on the desk!


6. A Charging Point

Most of us work with one or more devices that need to be charged during the day. So, it’s a good idea to have a charging point on your desk. Then it’s easier and faster to charge your smartphone, tablet, and other devices as you work.

You won’t be caught with any nasty surprises on your way home from work when you find all your devices have run out of power! So, consider keeping a multi-port or a wireless charger on your desk. We’re pretty sure this will be one of the most useful tools on your desk.


7. Mini Accessories

Finally, having some mini accessories available on your desk is also helpful. These include mini bins to keep mini accessories in. Mini bins can be used to hold everything from pens, pencils, envelopes, small packets of tissues, paperclips, and more.

Another mini accessory to consider is a mini vacuum cleaner. This is not to use on the floor, but rather on your desk. They’re great for getting rid of dust and other things on your keyboard, the top of your desk, and more. Plus, you can keep it in a drawer or your mini bin, out of the way until it’s needed!


Summing It Up

So, there you have our list of must-have items for your desk! This list of must-have items are perfect whether you work at an office, a home office, or both!

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