Meeting rooms Seaham

Where would you like to hold your next meeting? Do you need a versatile space that can be made to fit your branding? No matter what you need from meeting rooms Seaham, Lighthouse View Workspace has the right meeting room for you.

We offer meeting roomsthat are comfortable, creative, and inspiring places to hold crucial meetings. And our spaces are backed by our professional business team, who’s ready to help when you need it. Our meeting rooms also come with everything your meeting needs to be a huge success.

Even if you have a meeting room on your business premises, a break from your everyday environment may be just what’s needed to get those innovative solutions and creative thoughts going. So, why not consider our meeting rooms for your next meeting?

Our meeting rooms

We offer two amazing meeting rooms that benefit from the natural light and fresh sea air. Each meeting room comes equipped with what’s needed for your next meeting, event, or conference.

meeting room sea view suite

£30 + VAT per hour

The Sea View Suite

Our Sea View Suite accommodates up to 20 people, making this space a great choice for those larger meetings or events. The room is filled with natural light and sea air, with glass walls. There’s no need to worry about sound bouncing off our glass walls. The room has been completely soundproofed and you won’t have to deal with background noise from other spaces either.

In addition, the Sea View Suite comes with superfast WiFi, plenty of charging and connectivity points, and climate control. The space also includes access to multiple presentation tools that are essential for every meeting.

meeting room coastal suite

£20 + VAT per hour

The Coastal View Suite

The Coast View Suite is a smaller space that can easily accommodate up to 10 people. This suite is just the right size for a more intimate meeting or gathering.

The meeting room is equipped with superfast WiFi, central charging points, climate control, and multiple presentation tools. And just like our other meeting space, the Coast View Suite is also completely soundproofed.

What’s Included with Our Meeting Rooms in Seaham?

When you choose one of our meeting rooms, you can expect to have access to everything needed to make your meeting, conference, or event a huge success. That’s because our meeting rooms include the following:

Solid connectivity

Each of our meeting rooms includes access to superfast Internet, with both wired and wireless connectivity. What’s more, the spaces also include plenty of charging points for all attendees.

Catering options

Are you having a lunch meeting or an all-day meeting? If so, you may want to serve refreshments and a meal during the event. Let us know what you know and we’ll take care of everything.


Speaking of catering, you’ll also have access to all the premium coffee and tea you can drink—on us!

Climate control

No matter how hot or warm you’d like the meeting room, you’re in control. Each of our meeting rooms includes full climate control. No one has to suffer through a stuffy, hot meeting again!

Reception services

Your meeting attendees will be greeted by our front of house staff who provide a warm, friendly welcome. When we say your meeting will have everything it needs to be successful, we’re not kidding!

Presentation tools

We also provide whiteboards, flip charts, projectors, and more with our meeting spaces.

Why Choose Lighthouse View Workspace?

At Lighthouse View Workspace, we go the extra mile to provide you with complete flexibility. What does that mean? You’re not tied down with a long-term contract that’s filled with restrictive measures. Instead, we offer all the flexibility you need, backed by our complete honesty. We believe in working with you in full honesty. Our goal is to create a trusting relationship with you.

When you lease a meeting room, you need to have a space and tools that work for you. That’s why we ensure you have everything needed to make your meeting successful every time. First, you can count on our professional team and think of them as an extension of yours. If you have any issues, just let us know, and we’ll take care of them right away. Just focus on your meeting while we work to take care of everything else for you.

What’s more, our meeting rooms are situated with beautiful views of the sea and coast. What could be more inspiring than soothing, inspiring views of nature as you conduct a meeting?

meeting rooms seaham

Speaking of the Location for Our Meeting Rooms

Our meeting rooms are located in a superb business facility located just outside of Durham’s Town Centre. Lighthouse View Workspace offers easy accessibility and is located near a number of local amenities, including shopping, restaurants, and more.

Our facility is located at the Spectrum Business Park, where you can find our brilliant workspaces and meeting rooms Seaham. No matter which workspace you choose, you’ll have the right space every time.

seaham meeting rooms

Our facility offers 73,000 sq ft of amazing workspaces that offer beautiful views of the sea and coast. Each space is filled with beautiful natural light, and each has been specifically designed to create the right ambiance so you can focus on building a successful business or holding a crucial meeting. And we are serious when we say we take care of everything for you.

When you lease a meeting room with us, you can count on our team to be an extension of your own. That’s because our goal is to support you and ensure you have everything needed to run your business and have a lucrative meeting.

Our leases provide the flexibility you need, with the ability to scale when necessary. You’re never locked into a long-term contract with us. Each package we offer is designed to provide the flexibility and agility your company needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our meeting rooms Seaham, contact us today! We’re happy to answer your questions about our facility and services, as well as arrange a tour for you. We’re sure you’ll love our beautiful location and amazing meeting facilities and workspaces!