8 Items Every Office Should Have

Working from home, some find it great just to sit down anywhere and get to work! However, that’s not really the optimal way to work, even from home. Whether you work from home or at the office, it’s important to set up a workspace that helps you get things done. Your office also needs to keep you healthy and happy!

To help you get started on creating a beautiful, healthy home office, we’ve put together a list of items that every office should have.


1). Ergonomic Chair

Considering that you probably sit at a desk for most of the day, it’s essential to have the right kind of chair for your work. What happens if you use just any old chair? You may find some nagging symptoms develop, such as neck & back trouble, arm and/or wrist pain, and more.

To help keep you pain-free and comfortable, an ergonomic chair is an essential piece of kit for any office. An ergonomic chair works to support your posture, weight, and the lumbar region as you sit and work. This ensures you’re comfortable working for hours at a time, without pain.

An ergonomic chair should have these features:

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Adjustable armrests
  • A seat width of between 17” to 20”
  • The chair should have a backrest that offers lumbar support
  • Adjustable back angle
  • Quality rollers (casters)


2). Ergonomic and/or Standing Desk

You’ll also need an ergonomic desk to go with your ergonomic chair! But there’s nothing that says you can’t have a standing desk, as well. It’s possible to find a standing desk that’s adjustable, which means you can sit at the desk or stand, as you prefer.

A standing desk should have these features:

  • Height adjustability (either manual or motorised)
  • Multi-level surfaces (provides space for office items such as a pen holder and more)
  • Cable-friendly design (keep those cables out of the way, so you and others don’t trip)
  • Plenty of support (for other accessories, such as speakers, printers, and more)


3). Wrist Rests

Do you find yourself resting your wrists on hard surfaces, such as your laptop or the desk? This can cause problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive wrist injuries. This is the last thing you want to worry about when there’s work to do!

So, consider investing in a wrist rest. Look for these features in a wrist rest:

  • Your hands should be able to move freely and stay elevated above the wrist rest as you type
  • The wrist rest should also be ergonomically correct
  • The wrist rest should meet the width, height, and slope of the front of your keyboard


4). Natural Light

Now that we have ergonomics taken care of let’s turn our attention to the lighting in your workspace. Every office requires plenty of natural light.

Studies have shown that natural light provides many benefits for employees. These can include a more positive, upbeat mood, increased productivity, and more.

If your office space doesn’t have enough natural light, you might consider adding these features to allow lighter to enter:

  • Adding a skylight
  • Removing curtains and blinds from windows
  • Using a lighter colour palette in the office (painting the walls a lighter colour, for instance, can give the illusion of more light)
  • Using full-spectrum natural light bulbs (these mimic the natural light of the sun throughout the day)


5). Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Nothing is worse than being distracted by noise and talking in the background when you need to focus on work. This is where a good pair of noise-canceling headphones can be a huge asset at work. But keep in mind that noise-canceling headphones may not completely block out all background noise. Even so, they will block out enough to keep you more comfortable and better able to focus on tasks.

Look for noise-cancelling headphones that offer these features:

  • Ensure the headphones are noise-cancelling, not noise-isolating (there’s a huge difference in how much sound is blocked)
  • Choose earphones that are comfortable to wear every day (they can be in-ear, over the ear, and more)
  • Consider how much you can spend on the headphones
  • Check the battery life and warranty


6). Blue Blocker Glasses

Do you have trouble with your eyes or develop headaches after working with a computer monitor all day? If so, then you may have trouble with the blue light emitted by the monitor. You can take care of this by investing in a good pair of blue blocker glasses.

Blue blocker glasses do just what their name implies—they block the blue light from the monitor. They ease eye strain and headaches, too, when you need to use a monitor for hours every day.


7). Plants

You can’t forget about adding a touch of nature to your workspace! This can easily be done by adding some plants! Not only do plants add a touch of life to your workspace, but they also work to clean the air, reduce stress, and just make the space more pleasant for working!

There are many plants to choose from that do well in an office, including:

  • Snake plants (also called Mother-in-law’s Tongue): these plants are great for low-light spaces and are difficult to kill!
  • Peace lilies are another easy-care plant to consider for your workspace. These are low-maintenance and have been shown to clean the air and improve the air quality in the office.
  • Succulents: are another easy-care plant for the office. These desert plants require a south-facing window and don’t require as much watering as other plants.


8). Wall Art

Another often overlooked essential is to have wall art in your workspace! Nothing is more positive than having beautiful wall art, which is inspiring for you. Not only that, but beautiful art on the wall also allows you to feel more at home where you work!

Wall art may include a small collection of brightly coloured photos or images. You could also use some unique black and white photos to spice up your office! Another option is to use images from your favourite places, photos of loved ones, and more.


Summing It Up

So, there you have it! This is our list of the essential items every office needs! Let this list inspire you to decorate and fit out your office with ergonomic furniture and beautiful things to make the space more inviting and comfortable!


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