Office Trends for 2022

Workspaces have gone through some major changes in recent years. Many employees are working remotely, while others are full-time in the office. However, some employees may be working part-time in the office and remotely. That’s a major change in how we work! However, office spaces are also changing according to these flexible work trends.

So, what’s trending for office spaces in 2022? Let’s take a look!


1. Hybrid, Flexible Working

Many employees are now using flex or hybrid working, with some time spent working from home, then working at the office. This trend seems set to grow in the coming years as technology improves.

Businesses are finding their employees are happier with this flexible work schedule. Polls and surveys show employees feel their work/life balance and happiness are improved. They also are not forced to completely work from home, where some employees may struggle with feelings of isolation.

As a result, the office has become less crowded. This can also help employees feel happier and more comfortable at the office. In addition, with fewer people in the office at one time, companies may find it possible to repurpose spaces once filled with nothing but desks. They may be able to create a flexible work environment that’s based on zones for specific uses.

All of these changes bring about increased wellbeing, happiness, and more productive employees.


2. Office Colour Trends for 2022

Each part of the workspace has an effect on how employees feel in those spaces. For instance, colour is extremely important. Colour choices may make someone happy, sad, or just tired. With this in mind, there are some colour trends for offices that uplift the work environment.


This year, natural tones and shades of green are making their way into the office. Green has a relaxing, calming effect yet helps employees feel more motivated. This colour also works to reduce stress and may be a great choice for a noisy, open-plan layout.


Blue is another calming, soothing colour that’s trending for the office this year. Blue also makes people feel safe and makes them want to spend time in the office. It’s also a great colour for concentration and keeping the mind free of worry.

Soft Pink

Another colour trend for offices in 2022 is soft pink. This may come as a surprise, but soft pinks tend to soften the environment. In addition, the colour may be combined with better office acoustics.

For instance, acoustic tiles may be combined with the colour pink to create a quiet, soothing place to focus and work. The colour may be used in sound booths and quiet zones, too.

Soft pinks also provide a touch of home, which is another trend in office design this year.


3. Coworking Spaces are Trending in 2022

Along with the flexible work schedule, many companies are finding that coworking spaces are becoming more popular. The reason is that businesses are finding it’s now possible to save money by having a smaller, centralised office. They can then invest in coworking spaces to create satellite offices for their employees.

The benefit of this model is that employees can shorten their commute by working closer to home. Rather than renting more office space, businesses are instead leasing coworking spaces for their employees. They have the benefit of saving money while ensuring employees are working closer to home. Everyone benefits from this hybrid work model.


4. Solo Working Spaces 

Another change in the office is a trend for solo working spaces. Many employees have become used to working from home in their own space. The thought of working in an open-layout office at work can be daunting. So, companies are opting for solo working spaces.

Solo workspaces can include acoustic work pods, booths, and more. The spaces are perfect for individuals who prefer to work on their own, away from the noise and clatter of a shared office space. These spaces provide the employees with increased wellbeing, resulting in increased productivity and job satisfaction.


5. Sustainability in the Office

More businesses are becoming more sustainable this year. The goal is to become eco-friendly while also creating a healthier work environment. Sustainability also unites employees, improves the work culture, and even has a huge impact on a company’s image.

Offices are becoming more sustainable to save money on energy costs while also saving the environment. Towards this goal, businesses are choosing more sustainable materials for the office. They look for products and furnishings that are non-toxic, eco-friendly, recycled, renewable, and more. For instance, office furniture that’s recyclable is a top priority for many companies.


6. Office Technology Trends

Along with all the changes in the office, technology continues to evolve at a rapid rate. With some employees working remotely and others in the office, technology must meet the demands of flexible work schedules.

Companies are turning to apps, sensors, smart technology, and more to improve the work experience. What’s more, these tools can even help a business learn how their space is being utilised. With this information, they can then make changes to optimise their office space.

Flexible office spaces also require the tech to create a connected office, whether employees are working there or remotely.


7. Flexible Office Furniture

Another huge office trend is flexible furniture. With the hybrid working model, the office layout can become more flexible, with the space being used in different ways. This type of setup requires flexible office furniture.

For instance, an open office may have desks that can be pushed together to quickly create a meeting space. Partitions can be used to create individual workstations that can double as a collaborative space later.

Flexible furniture makes it easy and fast to change the space as needed. It also helps a company get more value out of their office space.


Summing It Up

As you can see, the office trends for 2022 are all about creating a flexible, healthier place for everyone to work. These flexible spaces also provide more value to a business. They offer different uses for the same space, without having to lease additional space.

Colours and other touches make the office feel more comfortable, too. In the end, these are positive changes for employees and the companies they work for.

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