11 Tips to Make Your Office More Sustainable

There’s never been a better time to become sustainable than now. Many businesses are looking for ways to make their offices more sustainable. If you’re searching for ways to make your office more sustainable, then read on! We’ve put together some tips to help your office become more eco-friendly!


1. Choose a Green Building

If your company is looking for new office space, then now’s the time to go with an environmentally sustainable building. A green building saves energy, allowing the business to also save money on energy costs. It’s helpful to have an energy usage audit done to check the building’s energy usage. Then you have a baseline to compare with your company’s energy needs. In addition, the audit may also turn up inadequacies in the building, technology, and more.

In addition, the audit can also be used to gauge the company’s energy use and even create a more efficient office layout. The audit may show ways the office can be improved through additional insulation, plants, and more.


2. Choose Green Technology

Another way to ensure your company is more sustainable is to choose green technology. Green tech allows the business to use less and spend less energy. And remember to consider the furniture used in the office, the lighting in the space, and how waste is handled. For example, consider investing in pre-owned office furniture or furniture made from sustainable sources. Each step you take to become more sustainable saves the environment and could mean savings for the business, too.


3. The Right Company Culture

Next, sustainability must be included in your company culture. You may want to consider creating a Green Team to help your company become more sustainable. The team works to promote employee knowledge on green issues and how to be more sustainable at work (and at home, and more). A Green Team instils sustainability at each level of the company and across departments. The goal is to make employees more conscious of the effects their actions have on the environment.


4. Design for Wellbeing

Sustainable offices aren’t just about how to save on energy costs. Instead, a sustainable office also needs to include wellbeing. Some office design elements may help the workplace become more sustainable. For instance, the use of an LED smart light system can work wonders on employee morale and productivity. Another solution is to use biophilic design to improve employee wellbeing and even improve indoor air quality.


5. Use Recycled Printing Paper

Have you considered using recycled printing paper? If not, then this is a major way to help your office become more sustainable. Rather than relying on printer paper that kills trees, choose recycled printer paper that’s made from recycled beverage containers and food. The paper quality is the same as regular printer paper. No one will notice the difference and your business will save Earth’s precious trees.


6. Use Paperless Notebooks

Paperless notebooks are another great way to save the environment. Paperless notebooks include pages that are made with synthetic materials that make writing notes easy and fast. What’s more, some of these notebooks are completely recyclable, which cuts down on the mountains of waste created by paper and paper notebooks. And the paperless notebooks are usually erasable, which means you can get even more mileage from them. This is a great way to save the environment.


7. Decrease Brightness on Devices

Another way to save on energy costs and use less energy is to turn down the brightness on company monitors, where possible. Most people don’t realise the difference if the computer screen has adjusted from 100% to 70%. Lowering the brightness can also help people suffering from eye strain, and more.


8. Create Monthly Green Challenges

What better way to make becoming sustainable fun than through monthly green challenges? For instance, consider having the entire office a month without using plastic eating utensils. Create a reward for employees who meet this challenge and stay with it all month! Rewards may include gift cards for coffee, healthy snacks, and more!


9. Turn Everything Off During the Night

Another way to become more sustainable is to turn everything off overnight and on the weekends. Turning off computers, lighting, and heat can save the office money while also becoming more sustainable. It’s important to turn everything off at the main plug. The reason for this is that some employees may forget to turn their devices off. For employees who forget to turn off their devices, you might want to think about creating a Green Jar. The money in the jar can be used to contribute to organisations that help the environment.


10. Choose Renewable Energy

Many energy companies are choosing to add green power sources to their services. Solar and wind energy are a couple of the sustainable power sources electric companies may offer. For example, would it be possible to install solar panels on the office’s roof? Another way to save energy is to shop for a new electricity supplier. Look for one that offers a green energy plan that comes from renewable energy sources. These are only a couple of the ways you may choose to make your company more sustainable.


11. Add Plants to the Office

Your company may want to allow employees to bring a plant for their desks. Plants in an office have been shown to improve indoor air quality and add a touch of nature at the same time. Plants produce oxygen that we need to breathe. The oxygen also offsets chemicals released into the air from new office furniture, using a printer, and more. When your office looks better and has improved air quality, you may be surprised at how employee wellbeing improves.


Summing It Up

Making your office more sustainable doesn’t have to be expensive. Even making small changes in electricity sources, adding plants, and shutting down office tech each night can go a long way to save the planet. Your company may also experience some unexpected savings by using these tips!

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