Creative Ways to Divide Your Office Space

Updated 13/11/23

Businesses have used the open office layout for years. This layout has many benefits, including facilitating communication, improving office efficiency, and more. However, recent studies have shown that the open office layout can be detrimental to employees. One of the main reasons is that employees feel they lack privacy and autonomy.

Not only that, but many employees also say that the distractions, disruptions, and noise of the open office layout affect their productivity, too.
So, what’s the answer to the dilemma of the open office? What are the other alternatives?


Dividing the Open Office Space

The answer is to get creative about dividing up the open office space. However, before you divide up the space, there are some important issues to consider.

Assess Team’s Workspace Needs

It’s important to consider the type of working environment your employees need to stay productive. Does your team need space for boisterous meetings and collaboration? Do some of your employees require peace and quiet to work effectively?
Create a plan of the office: once you’ve figured out what employees need, it’s time to create a map of your office space. With a map, it’s much easier to plan out how to effectively use the space. You’ll also have a better idea of the type of furniture, dividers, and more that will be necessary to divide up the open office.


New Furniture, Wiring, and Tech

Now it’s time to figure out what furniture, fixtures, wiring, and technology are needed in the redesigned open office. These are crucial for creating a space that works for most employees. It’s essential to choose elements and equipment that work with your current staff; however, you’ll also need to consider future employees in the equation.


Keep It Flexible

One of the best things you can do when dividing the open office is to keep things flexible. That means you can use flexible furniture and fixtures to use the office space more efficiently.


Noise Control & Sound Privacy

Are other essentials to consider when dividing up the open office. You may choose to use acoustic wall and ceiling panels, for instance. These work to absorb sound in spaces that have hard surfaces, such as an office. In addition, it’s possible to create spaces that are quiet areas for employees who need a quiet place to focus and work. You may even want to consider masking office sounds with background noise.


Privacy & Security

It’s also imperative to ensure the new office offers privacy and security for all employees, especially those who deal with sensitive data. You can use dividers, tall file cabinets, and more to offer more privacy and security for everyone in the office.

These are the main things that need to be considered when dividing up an open office layout. In the following sections, we’ll share some ideas on how to creatively divide the open office.


1. Cubicles

Yes, these were once the bane of the office; however, today’s cubicles are nothing like the ones used 30 or 40 years ago! Today’s cubicles are modern, functional, and attractive. Some are also flexible, giving you more alternative ways to arrange them.
It’s possible to find cubicles that offer clear partitions, curved walls, modular semi-closed workstations and more.

Cubicles can be a great way to help employees find a quiet, secure, and private area to work. So, you may want to consider having part of the office laid out with cubicles to create a quiet space to work.


2. Office Partitions

Another great way to creatively divide the open office is by using office partitions. While these were also common in the office years ago, today’s partitions are more creative and functional. An office partition is a wall panel that may be a few feet wide and comes in varying heights. They’re quite effective at dividing office space.

Office partitions may be clear, covered with fabric (great for absorbing sound), or made of solid material, such as wood. The partitions are flexible and can be rearranged as needed. The panels can also be arranged to create a space, such as a meeting room, when needed. When the meeting’s over, the partitions can be placed in a different configuration.

Another idea that’s similar to wall panels is the use of modular walls. Modular walls are taller and look more fixed and permanent than a wall panel. The office can look more permanent this way, though the modular walls can be moved as desired.


3. Desktop Privacy Panels

Along with office partitions, you can also increase privacy and security for employees with desktop privacy panels. The privacy panels are used on the desk to reduce visual and audible distractions in an open office. What’s more, they also increase employee privacy and security.

There are a wide variety of desktop privacy panels to choose from. Some are clear, while others are solid and may include soundproofing. The panels are easy to install and can be moved just as easily when necessary.


4. Furniture

Furniture is another easy, cost-effective way to divide up open office space. Try to purchase furniture that serves more than one purpose to be as cost-effective as possible.

For instance, bookshelves can double as room dividers that can be repositioned as needed. They also provide storage for books and files. Another example is providing phone pods for employees to use for private or business calls. They will have a more private place to talk and talk without a lot of background noise.

Modular furniture is a great choice for a flexible open office space. This type of furniture can be used to create workstations, divisions, and more.


5. U-Shaped Desks

U-shaped desks can be another great way to split open office space, especially for employees who need plenty of room to work. U-shaped desks can be configured to offer more storage space, create division of space between desks, and more.

They’re also great for creating different work areas for an employee. For instance, one part of the desk can be used for a computer, while the other part of the desk offers space for writing and other work.

U-shaped workstations also create a sense of an organised, established space while creating necessary divisions for employee comfort, privacy, and security.


Summing It Up

An open office layout can be an effective space that’s beautiful and functional. And with some creative use of furniture, wall panels, technology, and other elements, the open office layout can be easily divided to increase employee comfort and productivity.

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How can I ensure privacy in an open office layout?
Consider using acoustic dividers or privacy pods to create dedicated spaces for focused work.

What is the advantage of using modular furniture in office design?
Modular furniture allows for easy rearrangement, adapting to changing business needs and promoting a flexible work environment.

Are there benefits to incorporating biophilic design in the office?
Yes, biophilic design promotes employee well-being by connecting them to nature, reducing stress, and increasing overall satisfaction.

Can virtual reality dividers enhance remote collaboration?
Virtual reality dividers offer a unique way to connect team members virtually, fostering collaboration and communication in remote work settings.

How can color-coded zones improve office organisation?
Color-coded zones help visually organise different functional areas, making it easier for employees to navigate and enhancing overall office efficiency.

What role do ergonomic seating arrangements play in office productivity?
Ergonomic seating arrangements contribute to employee comfort, reducing discomfort and fatigue, ultimately improving productivity.

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