Workplace Wellness Ideas for Your Employees

Updated 15/10/2023

Workplace wellness has become extremely popular in recent years. Of course, this isn’t a new concept; however, businesses are gaining more understanding about the need for workplace wellness for their employees. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at what workplace wellness is and some examples of office wellness you may want to consider. 


What is Office Wellness? 

Workplace wellness is the implementation of programs that are intended to promote employee health and wellbeing. The programs are created to promote healthier working and living. 

The goal is to ensure employees have a comfortable, healthy workplace. When employees feel better and are happier, their creativity and productivity soar. Employees who participate in office wellness programs are also more resilient to the changes in ever-changing markets. In addition, businesses become more competitive and can hire top candidates. 

Office wellness is more than just providing workout rooms, yoga classes, and gym reimbursements. It’s about creating a workplace culture that ensures employee wellbeing and psychological safety. 


Examples of Office Wellness Programs

The following sections include information about employee wellness programs that bring many benefits to their participants:


1. Stress Reduction Tools

Some stress is necessary; however, too much stress can cause employees’ physical and mental health to suffer. So, your business may want to consider providing stress reduction tools for its employees. 

Send weekly messages dealing with tips to improve sleep, handle conflict, and more. It’s also a good idea to create a stress reduction chatroom, provide space for a group to gather for lunch and talk about the week’s wellness topic, and more.


2. Healthy Eating Programs

Another way to enhance employee wellbeing is through healthy eating programs. Your company’s insurance program may offer such a program. Another option is to collaborate with a local wellness centre to create a bespoke healthy eating program. 

The goal here is not just to focus on weight loss. Instead, it’s more about employee health and nutrition. So, your organisation may want to sponsor cooking courses that promote eating healthier, what to eat for improved energy throughout the day, how to cook and prepare foods, and more. 


3. Smoking Cessation Programs

Not as many businesses allow smoking on the premises today. That speaks to the ill effects of smoking on employee health and wellbeing. Even so, you may still have employees who smoke and want to find support to quit. This is a great way to help employees improve their health and reduce the risk of developing serious conditions such as heart and lung disease. 

Your insurance provider may offer a smoking cessation program. If not, another place to access information is through the health department. They usually offer free information and may even provide free nicotine replacement products.


4. Health Risk Assessments/Screenings

Your organisation can also improve employee wellbeing by offering health risk assessments and screenings. These are usually health events that provide screening of the following: 

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Cholesterol levels

Onsite screenings make it easier for employees to be screened more frequently during work time. And regular screening can show if underlying health issues are present. In addition, employees become more educated about these and other health markers. As a result, they may also become more interested in their overall health.


5. Exercise Programs & Activities

Providing space and time to exercise at work can be beneficial for employee wellbeing. An onsite program makes it easier for employees to attend these programs and get fit. However, if an onsite gym isn’t possible, your organisation may want to consider offering discounted memberships to local wellness centres. 

Another option is to reimburse funds for: 

  • Exercise & fitness apps
  • Wearable fitness devices
  • Home workout equipment

Another possibility is to start a walking or biking program for employees. Competitions also make it fun to get everyone active and fit. You may also want to encourage “walking meetings” and quick stretches during working hours every hour or so.


6. Mental Fitness Services

Companies are also choosing to include mental fitness services as part of their employee wellbeing programs. Employees are facing all kinds of stress at work and at home. Worry and burnout are only two common issues employees deal with. So, access to mental fitness services can help them cope and learn to be more resilient. 

One point that must be discussed is the need for confidentiality with any mental health and wellbeing services provided through the business. The company or its employees should not have access to information about other employees’ therapy or coaching sessions, for instance.


7. Relaxation Spaces

Providing a space where employees can relax is another way to enhance their wellbeing in the office. Some companies even make these spaces “nap friendly” so employees can get the rest they need. 

Otherwise, relaxation spaces can be used to read, listen to music, or simply lay back with closed eyes. Having a place to relax during the day can help reduce stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.


8. Spaces for New Parents

Another idea for employee wellbeing is to create spaces for new parents. These are areas where new parents can feed and change their babies. These spaces are essential for new mothers who may have to pump milk for their babies. 

The key to spaces for new parents is to set up a schedule with a booking system. Parents should be allowed to book the space regularly at the time they need it, and the space should have a door lock for increased privacy.


9. Coaching

Coaches are another way to improve employee wellbeing at work. They offer flexible, personalised support for employees who want to: 

  • Improve performance
  • Regulate their physical and mental health
  • Enhance their wellbeing

Some companies provide trainers, nutritionists, and others to provide targeted health coaching. They offer employees different approaches, so they can choose the one that works best for them. 


Summing It Up

Office wellness programs are a great way to improve employee wellbeing. They can work in small, medium, or large organisations. The benefits of these programs are many and include reduced absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, better health, and increased productivity and employee satisfaction. 

So, why not commit to starting an office wellness program today?


What is the first step in promoting employee wellness?
The first step is creating a positive work culture, where employees feel valued and supported.

How can I reduce stress in the workplace?
You can reduce stress by offering stress-reduction programs, mindfulness sessions, and relaxation spaces.

What’s the importance of mental health support at the workplace?
Mental health support is crucial to reduce stigma and provide employees with the help they may need.

How can flexible work schedules improve wellness?
Flexible work schedules help employees manage their work-life balance and reduce stress.

What are the benefits of healthy snack options at the workplace?
Healthy snacks promote good eating habits, leading to better overall health and well-being.

Why are team-building activities important for employee wellness?
Team-building activities foster camaraderie and reduce workplace stress.

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