Why Relocate to Spectrum Business Park?

Spectrum Business Park offers an inspiring community of businesses with a mix of SMEs, corporate organisations, and startups. Here, you can find a wide range of modern office spaces with beautiful sea and coastal views. Our business park is thriving and home to companies that include BE Group, County Durham Housing Group, Great Annual Savings, and more.

There are many reasons you should join our business community! We’ve put together a list of top reasons you should consider moving your business into one of our beautiful office spaces. Let’s get started!


1. Beautiful, Modern Office Spaces

Our office spaces have been designed to be inspiring, calming places where you and your team can stay productive and creative. We offer efficient, modern workspaces that come with a host of benefits, such as:

Climate control: our offices include both air conditioning and heating. You’re in complete control of the climate in your office space.

Modern, light, and airy spaces: filled with natural light. Our office buildings are all brand new, modern, and clean. The floor-to-ceiling height is a generous three metres, and there are minimal columns with floorplates. When you choose one of our offices, you will have more than enough space for you and your employees to feel comfortable and have plenty of space to work.

Flexible layout: each of our offices has been designed to allow you to create a layout that’s right for you and your employees. And if you move into our corporate office space, you can invite our fit-out team to design the right layout, style, and environment for you and your business.

System support: for larger organisations, we offer generous external areas for siting backup generators or UPS units.

Extras: our buildings are energy efficient and cheap to run. We also have on-site shower facilities for those who enjoy biking into the office or exercising during work hours.

No matter what your business needs, we can accommodate it without any problem. With all of these benefits, what’s stopping you from leasing one of our stunning offices? Not yet convinced? Then read on for more reasons to move to our offices at the Spectrum Business Park.


2. Leisure Amenities

Businesses need to be located in an area that has excellent leisure amenities. Not only does this keep employees happy, but having restaurants or pubs nearby also makes it easy to take clients, partners, and stakeholders out for lunch or dinner.

The good news is that we’re located right near the town centre of Seaham and in between two large retail centres – Byron Place and Dalton Park.

In recent years, Seaham has seen significant growth, with more amenities being built by the month. Our tenants enjoy wandering down to the Marian, grabbing lunch in the town centre, and strolling around the retail complexes.

Below is our list of the top leisure amenities you can find near Spectrum Business Park:

  • Restaurants & cafes, including independent cafes such as The Lamp Room and chains such as Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Greggs, and Subway.
  • Seaham Hall Leisure Centre – Seaham Hall has been voted the small hotel of the year 2016 and has a beautiful bar, spa, lounge area, and restaurant.
  • Fitness centres and gyms – Seaham Leisure Centre, R S Fitness, and Gym 55.
  • Byron Place Shopping Centre – includes Asda, Wilkinson, Argos, and Costa Coffee.
  • Dalton Park Outlet Centre – includes fashion outlets, home outlets, and cafes
  • Cineworld (a 6-screen cinema), Frankie and Benny’s, Pizza Express, and Morrison’s superstore with a petrol filling station.

Each of these facilities provides a great place where you and your team can enjoy meals, services, and more. They also provide excellent places to entertain clients, and you can take in the sea views from the cafes (and your office space)!


3. Business Amenities

We also have a range of business amenities to support your business, including the following:

  • Local post office; for our tenants in Spectrum 7 (our serviced offices), we also offer daily postal collection.
  • National banks to cash cheques and arrange appointments, including Lloyds and Barclays.
  • Stationery suppliers can be found in a range of shops where you can buy paper, pens, printer ink, and more. We even have a local supplier, PittStop Stationers, who deliver right to your office door!
  • The park also has businesses that provide recruitment, business, and legal services.

Our tenants find all of these business amenities extremely valuable. And there’s no need to worry about logistics! Everything is located nearby!


4. Car Parking

At Spectrum Business Park, we understand the need for car parking spaces. We want our tenants to have the option to drive to work and park their car in a free, secure space while they work. That’s why we offer plenty of free, secure car parking spaces for your and your employees.

Each building also has space to install bike stands to secure your bike when you’re at the office. And we’ve designated disabled spaces.


5. Vibrant Community

Our business park is home to a range of many businesses, and we understand how essential it is for your business to network and build connections. One of the most powerful marketing methods is word-of-mouth.

It’s also important for you and your team to build friendships at the office and be part of a larger community. We have communal spaces for everyone to interact and enjoy their lunch. We also have annual Christmas parties and other opportunities to network with other businesses in Spectrum Business Park.


6. Transportation Links

Our business park also offers excellent transportation links. We’re located less than two minutes away from the A19 and 15 minutes away from the A1. We’re right at the centre of the A19 corridor, with easy access to Tees Valley, Sunderland, Durham, and Newcastle Upon Tyne.

You can also find great public transport links here, including:

  • Seaham railway station links to Sunderland, Newcastle, and the Metro Centre.
  • Regular bus services, the X7, 202, and 60 run through the Spectrum Business Park.
  • We’re also located within a 30-minute drive of two airports – Newcastle and Durham airports.

Public transport is essential to supporting your team when they travel to and from work. Great transportation links are also an excellent way to attract new talent.


7. Additional Considerations

We also offer the following facilities and services that are valuable to each business. You may want to consider these additional benefits for your company:

Landlord: our landlord, Paul Wellstead, plays a huge role in supporting the development of the local area and has a passion for this amazing location.

Business support: you’ll also find a range of local and regional business support for your company, including some of our tenants.

Additional facilities: we also offer the following facilities at Spectrum Business Park:

  • Conference facilities
  • Meeting room hire
  • Street food festivals
  • Virtual office space

Concluding Thoughts

As you can see, the Spectrum Business Centre has much to offer your business. You’ll find business support, services, and local amenities that are valuable to you and your employees. But the best that we offer are our stunning office spaces with sea views.

What could be better for your business than a stunning new office space at Spectrum Business Park?

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