Things to do in Seaham

Are you looking for things to do in Seaham? The city, known as a lively harbour town, is located on the Durham coast. It offers many great things to see and do! Not only that, but the city is surrounded by beautiful nature and so much more.

We’ve put together a list of things to do in Seaham! We’re sure you’ll want to come and check out this fantastic city on the coast.


Seaham Hall Beach

If you love the beach, then be sure to visit Seaham Hall Beach. Here, you can find sea glass; Seaham has one of the largest sources of sea glass in England.

The city was once home to Londonderry Bottleworks between 1850 to 1921. During these years, waste bottle works from the factory were thrown over a cliff and into the sea. The glass included hand-blown perfume flasks, bottles for fizzy drinks, and more.

Because so much glass was dumped into the sea, Seaham is now known as the place to find beautifully coloured sea glass. Each day, waves bring up a supply of coloured glass. You’ll find the glass comes in many colours, from amber, white, blue, and green.


Visit the Mowbray Park Walrus

You’ll find a bronze sculpture of a walrus in the park, which sits by itself. Why is this unusual sculpture found in Mowbray Park? The statue was created to honour Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland and many other books. He also wrote the Walrus and the Carpenter poem.  It’s this walrus that the sculpture celebrates. It’s said that Carroll found much inspiration for his books in Seaham.

Mowbray Park is also located near the Sunderland Museum and the Winter Gardens, making this a great place to visit!


Eleven “O” One

Another famous sculpture in Seaham is the statue of Eleven “O” One. The sculpture is of a soldier from WWI and stands about 9ft tall. The sculpture was originally created to be displayed at Seaham only temporarily. It was meant to commemorate the start of WWI. However, the people of Seaham came to love the statue and didn’t want it removed. So, they raised £102,000 to purchase the statue!

The statue was built of a material called “weathering steel,” which creates a rust-type patina covering. The statue shows a man wearing the typical uniform of a Tommy, a British soldier, which includes a rifle, bayonet, and steel helmet.


East Durham Heritage & Lifeboat Centre

Located in Seaham’s Harbour Marina, East Durham Heritage and Lifeboat Centre hold displays relating to the city’s past maritime, industrial, and social heritage.

The centre’s goal is to collect and preserve information and artefacts relating to Seaham’s heritage. In addition, the centre makes everything available to educate people of all ages in the area.

Here, you’ll also find the George Elmy lifeboat on permanent display.


St. Mary the Virgin Church

If you like visiting ancient churches, then this may be a place you don’t want to miss! St. Mary the Virgin Church is a Grade 1 listed building, dating back to the 7th and 8th century, during Anglo Saxon times.

This small, beautiful church looks over the cliffs and the sea to the coast of Durham. The parish of the church even has links to Lord Byron and the Londonderrys, a coal mining family.

You’ll find lovely stained-glass windows that have exciting features, including the two Kempe windows. The church also features Georgian pews and an exhibition of photos and maps of Old Seaham.


Nose’s Point

Nose’s Point is located just south of Seaham. The location was once the site of Dawdon Colliery, a coal mine and the basis of Dawdon’s economy. The colliery was opened in 1907 and employed about 3,300 men. This colliery produced so much coal that it broke both the national and European production records!

Today, Nose’s Point has been reclaimed and provides stunning access along the Durham Heritage Coast. Here, you’ll find lovely wildflower meadows, ponds, seating areas, artwork, and more.


Dalton Park Outlet

You’ll find the Dalton Park Outlet not far from Seaham, located in Murton. This is the best place to shop till you drop! You’ll find just about anything you want here, with savings up to 50% off your favourite brands.

You’ll find home furnishings, outdoor & sports gear, and all kinds of accessories, such as luxury handbags and beautiful jewellery. And if you love shoes—they’ve got you covered there, too.

There are over 60 outlet stores, a 7-screen cinema, and even places for the kids to play!  This is a great place to visit on your own or with your family!


Beamish Museum

The Beamish Museum, in Beamish, is a lovely museum that was established in 1970. The goal of the museum was to preserve an example of everyday life in the Northeast’s cities and farms of the early 20th century.

Be prepared to walk quite a bit, as the museum spreads over 300 acres. Next, you may want to consider the exhibitions you’d like to see the most. This can be done by visiting the museum’s site.

You’ll find a mix of original and replicated buildings, an extensive collection of artefacts, working vehicles, and so much more. Enjoy walking the grounds to learn about the area’s pit communities, collieries, train stations, and farms. And be sure to take a ride on the Pockerley Waggonway, which goes through some of the area’s most beautiful scenery.


Down at the Farm

Located in Hougton-le-Spring, Down at the Farm provides something for the entire family! You’ll find many play areas for the kids, rides, and more. Be sure to check out the animal sessions, too, where the kids can enjoy playing with the farm’s rabbits & guinea pigs.


Summing It Up

As you can see, the city of Seaham and the surrounding areas have something for everyone in the family! Take nature walks, visit museums, and shop till you drop! Seaham has it all!

So, be sure to visit this beautiful coastal city and learn more about its past and more!

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