The Value of Multi-Purpose Communal Areas

Updated 15/10/2023

Most businesses could benefit from a sense of community among their employees. And for this reason, many companies have made the move to an open office design. They’ve seen the benefits of allowing their workers to co-exist in the same space without barriers.

If you’re not sure what a communal area is all about, that’s OK. We’ve put together some information about communal areas, how to install a multi-purpose communal area, and the benefit of a communal space.


What is a Multi-Purpose Communal Area?

A communal area is one space where the staff can relax during lunch or break periods. These areas include breakout spaces, office kitchens, canteens, and staff rooms. Each of these is a positive space that offers employees the comfort and convenience they need during their busy workdays. These spaces combine the features and functions of a breakout space into one communal area.

Modern communal office designs incorporate multi-purpose fit-outs that feature kitchen worktops with appliances, game areas, and comfortable seating. These spaces offer many benefits to a business. With the right fit-out or office refurbishment, it’s possible to increase productivity and employee wellbeing.


Why Invest in a Multi-Purpose Area?

Here are a few of the benefits that go with a multi-purpose area in an office.


1. Improves Employee Satisfaction & Happiness

Communal areas create a space where employees can relax and feel comfortable. When these communal areas are made to feel comfortable and welcoming, everyone feels better. For instance, during breaks or lunch, employees may enjoy the convenience of having access to a kitchen with comfortable seating (such as sofas and chairs) combined with cushions. They no longer have to leave the office to get a break or find a place to relax during lunch or breaks.

In addition, a multi-purpose communal area also encourages employees to interact with one another to build stronger, more meaningful relationships. Many offices don’t have space for their employees to get together and chat while working. In these companies, everyone’s focused on their own work rather than collaborating with team members.

On the other hand, when employees have a place where they can comfortably interact, this not only creates stronger relationships between employees. It also works to improve morale.  This is especially true when employees have a communal area where they can play games and enjoy other activities together. Employees have fun and start those all-important conversations with others that lead to effective solutions and more.


2. Increases Staff Productivity

Each employee needs a break from work during their workday, even if that break is short. A dedicated communal area provides employees with a space away from their desks where they can recharge. Recharging and relaxing give each employee a chance to recoup, leading to an increase in their productivity.

For instance, rather than leaving for lunch, employees can stay in the office. They won’t have to waste time and energy travelling to and from lunch. Instead, they can spend more time relaxing.

Multi-purpose communal areas also offer different spaces where employees can relax and recharge. For instance, kitchen islands allow employees to sit close to kitchen appliances. The space is fitted with ergonomic seating that’s comfortable. And the space may also include games to have fun.

Each of these features comes together to increase relaxation and help employees recharge during the day. This further leads to an increase in productivity across the entire company.


3. Inspire Creativity

Multi-purpose communal areas are also the right setting for those last-minute sessions to brainstorm or hold an informal meeting. These spaces are there to relax; however, they can also work as areas where teams can have important discussions and develop innovative ideas.


4. Improves Communication

Just as a multi-purpose communal area improves collaboration, it can also improve communication. Face-to-face interactions are more effective than relying on emails, phone calls, video calls, and more. These spaces can increase engagement and participation, ensuring everyone is fully present. When employees get together, they’re most likely to contribute to the conversation.


5. Having Fun is Relaxing

When employees have an amazing space where they can relax and get together, they have a chance to recharge during their busy workday. And nothing gets people energised like having fun together. When a multi-purpose communal area includes fun activities such as games, employees have a chance to unwind and maintain social connections.

Relaxed employees who have some fun in their days are more productive and happier. They also create those meaningful connections with other employees that are crucial to a business.


How to Install a Multi-Purpose Communal Area?

Multi-purpose communal areas are all about relaxing and recharging. These are spaces where employees can get comfortable, make lunch and eat, or sit in areas that include sofas, chairs, and other comfortable furniture. While many businesses have developed amazing breakout spaces, multi-purpose communal areas provide employees with a space that does even more.

When designing a multi-purpose communal area, it’s essential the space matches your workplace. What’s more, the space needs to be focused on employee wellbeing. The space should include these features:

  • Plenty of space for all employees
  • Include a kitchen appliances
  • Incorporate ergonomic seating
  • Match the interior design of the workplace

In order to create a beautiful multi-purpose communal area, you may want to consider working with office fit-out specialists.

The first step is to install the fixtures that you’d prefer in the space. This may include kitchen worktops or islands, changing the flooring, and other design features in the area. From there, it’s possible to fit out the space with comfortable seating, kitchen appliances, and game activities.

For employees to get the most out of the space, it’s imperative to ensure the space fits your business. It’s possible to incorporate company branding colours and more in the space. Design consultants can discuss your ideas and find ways to create a space that’s just right for employees. What’s more, experts will ensure the space is health and safety compliant, which is also crucial during an office refurbishment.


Summing It Up

Multi-purpose communal areas can bring many benefits to a company. Besides offering employees a great place to relax and recharge, these spaces also increase productivity and employee happiness. These are both essential to a successful, thriving business.

FAQs about Multi-Purpose Communal Areas

What are the key features of multi-purpose communal areas?

Multi-purpose communal areas typically include seating, green spaces, fitness equipment, sports facilities, and communal gathering spaces. They are designed to cater to the diverse needs of residents.

How do communal areas impact the sense of community?

Communal areas facilitate interaction and shared experiences, leading to a stronger sense of community among residents. Regular gatherings and activities in these areas foster a sense of belonging.

Can communal areas improve mental well-being?

Yes, they can. The calming and nature-filled environment of these spaces promotes relaxation and stress relief, positively impacting mental health.

Are communal areas beneficial for remote workers?

Absolutely. With the right facilities and ambiance, communal areas can serve as inspiring workspaces, offering a change of scenery for remote workers.

What are some sustainable initiatives in communal areas?

Many communal areas incorporate features like community gardens, recycling stations, and energy-efficient lighting to promote sustainability and community responsibility.

How can I get involved in communal area activities?

Joining communal area activities is simple. Most residential communities have designated coordinators or online platforms for residents to sign up for events and activities.

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