Serviced Offices Seaham

At Lighthouse View Workplace, we offer beautiful sea views and so much more! Whether your company is an SME or a larger organisation, we have the office space just right for your company. We have office spaces for single desks or more. In addition, you can count on our friendly team to help when you need it.

Our serviced offices provide a contemporary look with all the support your business needs.

Welcome to Lighthouse View Workspace Serviced Offices Seaham

Now, let’s take a look at our stunning Durham event spaces!

Lighthouse View Workplace is located in the Spectrum Business Park, located just outside Seaham Town Centre, Durham. If you love an office with beautiful views, then Lighthouse View Workspace is the place for you. Our offices look over the sea, with inspiring views to relax the mind and soul. 

You can enjoy views of the coast outside while enjoying plenty of natural light inside. What’s more, our offices offer a contemporary space that provides everything your business needs to succeed. 

Along with our stunning sea views, we offer flexible leases with an all-inclusive monthly payment. The monthly payment includes access to our wide range of amenities. But there’s even more! 

Serviced Offices Seaham

Our Local Amenities

Our business centre location, just outside of Seaham, also provides easy access to local amenities, including:

Solid Connectivity


Whether you need to access a cash machine, the post office, or other services, you’ll find everything within easy distance of our business centre.

Reception Services

Stunning Nature

what more could you ask than all these great amenities combined with beautiful nature? Our location is near the coast and the sea. You can easily take a stroll on the beach when it’s time to get a little exercise and clear your mind. What better way to become re-energised during a busy workday? 

Climate Control


When you have an office, it needs to be located near some excellent food! So, you won’t be disappointed to learn our serviced offices Seaham are close to pubs, takeaways, and local cafes. If you’d like to grab a great lunch or take a client out for dinner, you’re covered.

Stocked Kitchens


When it comes to daily errands, we can also help you out with shopping! That’s because Lighthouse View Workspace is located near Byron Place and Dalton Park shopping centres, which offer a wide variety of shops and other services.

Our Serviced Offices in Durham

Bring your company home to our serviced offices Seaham. We offer your business a private office space that is completely serviced and maintained. Our flexible leases include office furniture, access to our network, Internet connectivity (wired & wireless), and much more. And we can’t forget to mention the beautiful views of the sea. We take care of everything, so you can focus on scaling your business. 

Grow your business with a serviced office that works for you. With a flexible lease, you can choose the terms that work for you. Whether you’d like to stay for a month or more, we’ve got the office space that works for you. 

What’s more, our workspaces can be customised to fit company branding and culture. Let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of it. On move-in day, your office space will be ready to occupy from the branding, placement of desks, right down to the furniture needed. We take care of everything. 

What’s Included with Our Serviced Offices Seaham?

We back our serviced offices with a zero-hassle policy. How does that translate for your business? You’ll have access to everything your company needs to grow and succeed. All you need to do is focus on scaling the business, while we take care of everything else.

Our serviced offices include rock-solid connectivity to a super-fast Internet connection that’s always available. We offer both wired and wireless connections and ensure our network is up and running. You won’t have to worry about downtime or slow speeds with our infrastructure.

As your business grows, we can also offer you room to expand. There’s no need to move to a larger space because we have space for your business to scale.

You can also count on the following amenities with our beautiful workspaces:

Solid Connectivity

Rock-Solid Connectivity

Super-fast Internet (wired & wireless)

Reception Services

Ample Parking

You and your employees can use up to 250 parking spaces available in our secured car park.

Climate Control

Open Access

Work the traditional 9-5 or in the late evening with our 24/7 access to your serviced office.

Stocked Kitchens

Rent & Utilities

Your rent, utilities, and other bills are covered by our all-inclusive monthly fee. 

Rent & Utilities

Climate Control

You’re in charge of the temperature in your office. Choose to keep it warmer or cooler—you’re in control.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Utilise our selection of on-site meeting rooms, equipped with everything you need for a comfortable, successful

Why Choose Our Serviced Offices Seaham?

That’s a great question, but we would ask another important question. Why wouldn’t you choose us over the competition? You can count on us to take care of everything, and we provide our clients with honest, responsive, and reliable services. We’re always here when you need us.

We’re the best choice if you’re looking for a flexible service office solution that provides everything you need to run the business. We never tie you down with long contracts. Instead, we offer the flexibility your company needs.

What’s more, we bring over 20 years of experience with serviced offices and flexible office spaces throughout the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

We also offer a unique work environment, with stunning views of the beach and the sea. Our office spaces are contemporary and take full advantage of the views and natural light. What better environment could you have for innovative thinking and the development of creative solutions?

Whether you need space for 1 or 1,000 desks, we have the office spaces you need. We ensure everything is ready on the day you move in. Let us know what you need in the office, and we’ll have it set up and waiting for you.

With our flexible lease and all-inclusive monthly payment, your company will have access to everything it needs to scale. And we back all of this with our no-hassle promise, a committed business team, and all the amenities you and your employees need.

If you have questions about our serviced offices Seaham, contact us today! You can also arrange a tour of our facility. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your business, then contact us today. We can set up a tour of our facility and answer any questions you have about our services. We’re looking forward to working with you!