Hotdesking Durham

Work and the places we work are going through rapid changes. Whether you work remotely occasionally or run your business from home, hotdesking Durham offers a chance to shake things up a bit. Working in another environment may sweep away distractions and interruptions, so you have better focus on the tasks at hand. 

What is Hotdesking?

Hotdesking has been trending for the last several years. Why is it so popular? Hotdesking offers you the chance to work in a specifically designed environment designed to improve focus and improve productivity. You usually find hotdesking facilities at business centres that offer this and other office services. 

You have the option of choosing a workstation and then getting to work. Some facilities may offer hotdesks by the day or provide open access to their facilities. You simply take your devices to the office, choose a place to sit, plugin, and get to work! 

In addition, hotdesking environments are designed to be collaborative spaces. What does this mean? Rather than only working alone, you work alongside other business professionals. You can network and collaborate with others working in the same space. It’s even possible to meet new clients or business partners in this collaborative workspace. 

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What are the Advantages of Hotdesking Durham?

There are many benefits to using a hotdesking space. For one thing, if you’re working from home or at cafes, you may find there are fewer distractions and interruptions. Working from home is great; however, having demanding pets, kids who want to help you with work, and getting anything done can be a challenge. You have none of those challenges in a hotdesking workspace.

Next, there are some who might like to work in an office but don’t have the budget for it. Traditional offices, with long leases, come with many expenses. It’s necessary to pay for utilities, maintenance, cleaning, and so much more. However, with hotdesking Durham, all of this is included in the monthly fee. You don’t have to stretch the company’s budget to pay for utilities, office furniture, and more. All of this is included in the hotdesking lease monthly fee.

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 In addition, hotdesking offers you more flexibility. Maybe you love working from home but would like to work in another space occasionally. With the flexible lease offered by most hotdesking facilities, you can easily do that.

Finally, working in a hotdesking workspace provides access to other business professionals. You can easily make new relationships, connections, and more at the hotdesking Durham facility.

If you’re looking for an amazing hotdesking Durham workspace, then why not consider Lighthouse View Workspaces?

Lighthouse View Workspaces — Who We Are

Lighthouse View Workspaces is fully dedicated to providing you with an inspiring workspace environment where you can focus on growing your business. We make it easy by ensuring you have everything needed to succeed in our hotdesking Durham workspace. 

Our business was established in 2020 at Spectrum Business Park. We offer 73,000 sq ft of hassle-free workspaces and offices. Whether you need space for 1 to 1000 desks, we’ve got you covered. We offer serviced offices, hotdesking spaces, and other services. Along with all of this, we offer flexible leases that don’t tie you down with a long-term contract and high monthly fees. We offer stunning workspaces at an affordable monthly fee. 

What’s more, if you have a problem, let us know right away. We’ll be on it, finding a solution while you continue on with your work. You can count on us to be responsive and take care of issues when they happen. Your business won’t have to suffer long downtimes or major interruptions. That’s because we are here to take care of everything so you can scale your business. 

Along with our brilliant spaces and services, you can enjoy taking in the amazing views of the sea and nature just a short distance away from our facility. 

No matter what your business needs to succeed, we’re here to ensure you have it! 

What’s Included with Our Hotdesking Durham?

We’ve gone the extra mile to make sure we provide everything your business may need. Along with a stunning place to work, you’ll find our hotdesking spaces offer a dedicated space where you won’t have to deal with loud spaces or constant interruptions.

Solid Connectivity

Solid Connectivity

We provide our clients access to our superfast Internet with wired or wireless connectivity. 

Plenty of Parking

Ample Parking

We also offer parking spaces with our open access package.

Open Pass

Open Access

You can work between 9 to 5 or later with 24/7 access to your workspace.

Reception Services

Reception Services

Our professional front-of-house staff takes care of your visitors, offering a warm welcome.

Stocked Kitchens

Stocked Kitchens

Here, you’ll enjoy all the premium coffee and tea you can drink!

Rent & Utilities

The community

Work with other like-minded professionals in a collaborative environment.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Enjoy access to our on-site meeting rooms at a discount.

Climate Control

Climate Control

You’re in control, whether you prefer to work in a warmer or cooler environment.

Contact Us Today

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your business, then contact us today. We can set up a tour of our facility and answer any questions you have about our services. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Hotdesking Durham Space Packages

We offer flexible leases without a long-term commitment! Work where and when you’d like! You also have the option of choosing one of hotdesking Durham packages: 

Hotdesking by the day: offers pay-as-you-go hotdesking, with all the services offered in the last section. Just choose this package and then find a desk and get to work!

Hotdesking open access: this package offers unlimited hotdesking, including all the services mentioned earlier. You can enjoy the same flexible contract without the long-term tie-in. This package also offers a dedicated locker, access to virtual office services, and more. 

As you can see, our hotdesking Durham solution offers everything you and your business need to find success. What more could you want than a thriving work environment where you can work alongside other professionals? And don’t forget the views of the sea you can take in from our facility. 

By choosing Lighthouse Workspaces, you’ll have an amazing hotdesking Durham experience. If you’d like to learn more about us and our hotdesking services, then contact us today! We’re happy to answer your questions and even arrange a tour of our hotdesking Durham facility. Let us know how we can help your business thrive!