Corporate Events Durham

Planning corporate events Durham just got easier with our comprehensive range of venues and services. Whether you’re organising a conference, team-building retreat, or business meeting, Durham offers a variety of options to suit every need.
From state-of-the-art facilities to scenic settings, our selection ensures your event is both successful and memorable. Discover how we can make your corporate event in Durham a seamless and impactful experience.

What are Corporate Events Durham?

A corporate event is one that’s sponsored by a company for its employees, clients, or partners. These meetings can be held for many reasons, including:

  • Training sessions for employees
  • Teambuilding activities
  • Celebrating company milestones
  • Mark a significant change within the company
  • Encourage collaboration & networking
  • Product launches
  • Board meetings
  • And more

Corporate events are held for numerous reasons, but they all have one thing in common. No matter the reason for the gathering, all corporate events Durham need the suitable event space. 

Our Event Spaces

We offer two stunning corporate event spaces. Each one comes with everything needed for a successful event or meeting. 

corporate event durham sea view suite

£30 + VAT per hour

The Sea View Suite

includes beautiful windows overlooking the sea, allowing in plenty of natural light. 

The Sea View Suite is made with glass walls; however, you won’t have to worry about nuisance sounds and noises from outside the space. Our event space is completely soundproofed, ensuring no distractions and complete confidentiality. 

This corporate event space includes access to superfast WiFi, charging & connectivity points, climate control, and more. 

corporate event durham coastal view suite

£20 + VAT per hour

The Coastal View Suite

The Coastal View Suite can accommodate up to ten people, making this the perfect space for a smaller event. 

This event space offers access to superfast WiFi, central charging points, climate control, and multiple presentation tools. And like our other event space, this one is also made of glass. However, the room is completely soundproofed, so there’s no need to worry about disruptions. And all conversations remain confidential. 

No matter which of our corporate events Durham spaces you choose, you can count on us to provide everything you need for a successful event. We include a broad range of amenities as standard with each of our corporate event spaces. 

What’s Included with Our Corporate Event Spaces Durham?

You can expect to have access to everything needed for a successful event. Each of our event spaces includes:

Solid Connectivity

Solid Connectivity

Superfast Internet in both wired and wireless varieties.

Rent & Utilities


Enjoy access to all the premium coffee and tea you’d like!

Stocked Kitchens

Catering Options

If you’re having lunch or an all-day meeting, let us know, and we’ll arrange an impressive feast for you and your guests.

Meeting Rooms

Climate Control

Each of our corporate event spaces Durham includes complete climate control. You’re in charge of the space and can keep it as comfortable as you like.

Reception Services

Reception Services

Our professional front of house staff takes care of visitors.

Reception Services

Presentation Tools

Our corporate event spaces Durham also include access to whiteboards, flip charts, projectors, and more.

When you hire one of our event spaces, we ensure you have everything needed to make your event a success. You can count on us to take care of any issues that may come up. Let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of it immediately. 

Our goal is to ensure that you have a successful event every time. 

Tips for a Successful Corporate Event

When you’re planning a corporate event, use these tips to find the right space: 

Know the Purpose

Each event, large or small, needs to have a clear purpose and goals. When these are determined, you can begin considering the types of event spaces that may appeal to your guests.

Determine the Budget

Next, it’s essential to determine the budget for your corporate event. You need to know how much money is available before deciding on the right location to hold the event. As you determine the budget, it’s a good idea to add about 10% to the estimate. This will cover any unexpected expenses that may come up. Be sure to choose an event space that doesn’t come with hidden fees. The facility should be willing to provide a written estimate, with all fees included in their quote.

Determine the Event’s Theme

Another way to ensure a successful event is to determine a theme for the corporate event. The theme may depend on the reason for holding the event. Or it could be based on a location.

Select the Location 

The right location is key to the success of any corporate event. The location is usually determined by the purpose, budget, and number of guests. The event space must be the right size for the number of attendees and allow everyone to be comfortable without feeling jammed together.

Plan the Event Schedule

Finally, planning the event schedule is another way to make the gathering a success. This is the time to book speakers and other professionals. Be sure to provide them with all the information they need for their roles during your corporate event.

Why Choose Us?

At Lighthouse View Workspace, we offer beautiful corporate event spaces Durham.

corporate events durham

Our facility has over 73,000 sq ft. of professional spaces, with breathtaking views of the sea and coast. Not only that, but spaces are a great fit for your business and its events. 

We are dedicated to creating trusting, honest relationships with our clients. We’re in it for the long term. And our spaces are offered with a no-hassle promise backed by our professional business team. We have everything your business needs to succeed. 

If you’d like to learn more about our corporate event spaces Durham, contact us today! We’re happy to answer your questions and arrange a tour of our facilities. We’re looking forward to working with you on your next corporate event! 

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